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Monday Yoga & Meditation

12.00-5.30pm Private therapy or 121 private yoga or meditation with SuzanneEnjoy...a private 121 session or a therapy with Suzanne contact to bookPrice on applicationAll welcome
10.00am - 11.30amMorning Yoga & Meditation Class with SuzanneSivananda & Gentle Hatha Yoga. Mindfulness Meditation. Nidra Yoga and Relaxation with SuzanneDrop in - £10 or use prepaid Frome Yoga Studio vouchers All abilities welcome gentle. Ideal for beginners & restorers
6.30pm - 8.00pmEvening Sivananda Yoga class with SuzanneCome straight from work and de-stress on a Monday evening. Sivananda class, Pranayamic breathing, Hatha Yogasana postures, Nidra Yoga visualisation & gently guided mindfulness meditationDrop In £10 or use prepaid Frome Yoga Studio vouchers available from Suzanne All abilities . Beginners & restarters welcome

Tuesday Yoga & Meditation

TimeClassEnjoy...PriceFor who?
10.00-6.00Private Therapies & private 121 Sessions available with Suzanne....a 1-2-1 yoga and Meditation or book a private therapy with SuzannePrices on application contact SuzanneAll welcome

Wednesday Yoga & Meditation

7.00-8.00 am Early morning Yoga to awaken your energyEnjoy... early yoga with Suzanne Drop in £10 or use prepaid Frome Yoga vouchers available from SuzanneAll welcome
10.00 am -11.30am Sivananda Yoga and Meditation with SuzanneYoga and MeditationDrop in £10 or use Frome yoga Studio vouchers order from suzanneAll welcome
12.00 pm - 5.30pmAfternoon Therapy or private 121 Session bookable contact suzanneAfternoon 1-2-1 or therapy session with Suzanne contact to bookContact Suzanne All welcome
6:30pm - 8.00pmEvening Sivananda Yoga class with Suzanne Pranayamic Breathing, Hatha Yogasana postures, Nidra Yoga Visualisation and gently guided mindfulness meditationDrop in £10 or use a Frome Yoga voucher order from suzanne students with some yoga experience and restarters wishing to deepen your personal practise..all welcome

Thursday Yoga & Meditation

10.00am - 11.30Deep Restorative Yoga class with breathing techniques and nidra yoga relaxation techniquesRestorative Yoga with Suzanne .£10 drop in or prepay yoga voucher flexible systemAll welcome especially seniors and those needing very gentle restorative yoga
12.00pm - 8 pmTherapy or private 121 Sessions...a 1-2-1 Therapy or private 121 yoga with SuzanneSee Therapy section book a private therapy or private yoga meditation contact Suzanne All welcome

Friday Yoga & Meditation

 ClassEnjoy...PriceFor who?
10.00am - 11.30amMorning Yoga and Meditation with SuzanneRe-energise and revitalise for the day ahead through Pranayamic breathing, Hatha Yogasana postures, Nidra Yoga visualisation & Mindfulness MeditationDrop in £10 or use prepaid Frome Yoga vouchersAll abilities welcome
12.00- 5.00pm1-2-1 Therapy or private 121 yoga Meditation Sessions with Suzanne Book a Therapy or 121 session with SuzanneSee Therapy Section or contact Suzanne for price for private sessionAll welcome
6.30 - 7.30pmEarly Evening Yoga & Meditation ClassEarly evening Yoga & Meditation session. Join Suzanne straight from work, come and de-stress, release and let go of all the tension and stress of the week through learning Pranayamic Breathing Techniques & relaxation techniques.Drop in - £10 or use
Prepaid Frome Yoga Voucher
All abilities welcome

Saturday Yoga & Meditation

TimeClassEnjoy...PriceFor who?
10.00am - 11.30amSaturday Morning YogaRe-balance, restore, through gently guided Sivananda Yoga with Suzanne. Pranayamic breathing techniques, Hatha Yogasana, Nidra Yoga visualisation & relaxation techniques including Mindfulness meditation.Drop In £10 or use prepaid Frome Yoga voucherAll abilities welcome